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About me


  • Online: DoceAzedo
  • Physically: São Paulo, Brasil
  • Professionally: Frontend Developer @ Voolt
  • Casually: Live coding, hyperpop, clubbing culture
  • Pronouns: he/him or they/them

You can get in touch with me by email at [email protected] or just DM me on Twitter or Discord. I always appreciate meeting new people!

Hi, nice to meet you!

Me in Paris with the Eiffel Tower on the background (2022)
Me in Paris with the Eiffel Tower on the background (2022) 👨‍🎨🥖🥐🇫🇷✨

You can call me Doce, I'm a fullstack frontend developer currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. This is my little spot on the web where I talk about myself and stuff that I like, and I hope you can find something cool or useful here.

I'm a non-binary person — my pronouns are he/him or they/them — who loves to code (and I really value a good DX), I like to go live on Twitch while I develop my personal projects. I also like everything related to emojis and Unicode and I never miss the chance to talk about the word of Svelte.

Also, I really enjoy listening to music. I'm the type of person who loves to take a break and listen through an entire album without interruptions or skips. My favorite genres are pop, k-pop and hyperpop, particularly the Brazilian scene. You can see more about my musical taste on my

Random facts

  • My first contact with programming was around the age of 12 with Visual Basic
  • I love the Hunger Games trilogy and I have all four books of the series
  • I strongly believe that there is a limbo between the generations from 1998 to 2003
  • When I used to play Habbo Hotel, I took part of several fan sites as a DJ and journalist
  • Although I don't consider myself a "gamer", I'm obsessed with everything Portal, Valve and Facepunch
  • Despite that, I also play Fortnite, Valorant and Beat Saber occasionally
  • I'm quite into the game cheating scene and the never ending battle between hackers and anticheats

Have a question or just wanna talk? Hit me up!

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