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About me

Curiosity-driven developer, Svelte evangelist and live coding streamer

Hi, my name is Lucas. I am a frontend developer based in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Here on this site I gather some of my work and pieces of knowledge that I would like to share with the world.

If you're on this page maybe you'll find some of these random facts about me fun (or something...):

My tattoos

The tattoo on the first image was the first one I did, in August 2020. It is the Tin Man, protagonist of the music video Na Sua Estante by Pitty. It's a song I love since I was little and my connection to it grows every time I play it.

The second is a venus fly trap, in reference to the song of the same name, Venus Fly Trap by MARINA. I've been wanting to tattoo something that refers to her songs since I first heard the Electra Heart album. With the release of the flawless Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land now in 2021, I felt inspired to finally immortalize one of her artworks in my body.

My most recent one (which I made with the previous one) is Napstablook, a character from the indie game Undertale, one of the few games that captured my interest. He is a melancholic ghost that likes music, and judging by my other tattoos, it's easy to notice that I identify a lot with him.

Wanna talk?

I'm not the most online person on social media in the world, but you can easily find me on one of these platforms (in descending order of activity):

I'm also live on Twitch from Tuesday to Thursday starting at 7:30pm (GMT -3) coding and chatting with the amazing people that show up there.

"What nickname is that, doceazedo911?" — question you probably didn't ask. But to answer anyway, that's the username I've been using around the internet since Lady Gaga released her album Chromatica in May 2020 and I've been putting together the songs Sour Candy (in portuguese, "doce azedo") and 911 ever since.

My hardware