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A few highlights of my open-source projects. View them all on GitHub .

  • Fazendoca

    A social game about taking care of your farm, made on UE5 with a SvelteKit REST API, currently on early development.

  • Overlay & SucoBOT

    A set of visual scenes and interactive commands to spice up my live coding streams on Twitch.


    A Minecraft server with no rules, open-source, with its own first-party web authentication, plugins and patches.

  • emoteTTV

    A dead simple library to parse Twitch emotes with ease

  • Powerchat

    Inactive project that aims to make the Twitch chat more modern

  • Quarto 101

    Project with the aim of recreating all the BBB (reality show) systems

  • AutoParkour

    Spigot plugin that generates parkour tracks programmatically

  • BitterCTF

    Spigot plugin for a standalone capture the flag minigame server

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